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Support Belts

Can Improve:

  • Comfort & Concealment

  • Leak Prevention

  • Abdominal Support

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Brava Ostomy
Support Belt

Colostomy Belt Coloplast

The Brava® Ostomy Support Belt boasts a stretchable and breathable fabric designed to distribute pressure evenly and conform to body contours for a comfortable fit. It provides a snug fit throughout the entire duration of use and includes a user-friendly pocket and a wide Velcro® for easy adjustments. For added customization, the Brava Support Belt features a reinforced panel that can be cut without fraying.

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Awestomy Active ostomy belt
  • Flexible

  • Anti-odor

  • Antimicrobial

  • Moisture-wicking

  • Inside comfort pocket

  • No complex measuring

Awestomy Active Wraps
Untitled design-370_edited.png

The Suportx™, support garment range is designed exclusively keeping ostomates in mind. At Suportx, we develop support garments that address everyday challenges in support wear to enhance convenience, confidence and promote regular use.

  • Unrestricted stoma flow

  • Engineered with 4-way stretch technology

  • Compatible with all ostomy pouching systems

Lightweight tube designed to enhance the comfort and discretion of wearing an ostomy pouch.  The buttery-soft, 4-way stretch, breathable material gently covers your pouch and keeps it in place without restricting stoma output.

*Not a hernia support device


Suportx shorts and briefs provide moderate hernia support/compression, a sleek appearance, flattering the tummy area, reducing the visibility of a stoma pouch, and 4-way stretch enabling natural stoma flow.

Nu Hope ostomy support belt
Original Innovator of Ostomy/Hernia Support Belt
Ostomy Belt Nu-Hope

For Those With or Without an Ostomy

Provides Support, Comfort and Improves Appearance

  • 360 degrees of wafer/pouch support for longer wear time
  • Helps prevent lines and bulges
  • Adjustable closure for a perfect fit
  • Helps protect abdominal hernia repairs & minimize reoccurrence
Nu Hope Colostomy Belt
Nu-Hope Ileostomy Belt
Two Hole Belts Also Available!

SecureWear ‘Security’ Support Belts

Check out our Catalog and Sizing Chart to determine the best belt for you!

Check out our YouTube videos on our belts – before you order! Click here to place an order on Amazon!

NEW – Pediatric Belly Bands!

Click HERE to find the perfect belt for you!

  • Easy to be worn, adjusted and taken off

  • Anti-roll functionality

  • Provides the vital support when it is required or for long periods of time with ultimate comfort

  • Specially developed to allow the stoma pouch to function without the fear of pancaking and leaking

  • 2-way stretch material allows continued activity while supporting the abdominal area or hernia

  • Made of 2-way stretch fabric and makes it breathable

  • 6", 8" and 10.25" depths with sizes from X-Small to XXL

NEW Belts & Clothing Coming Soon!

Other Ostomy Support Belts and Clothing

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