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Support Belts

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Stealth Belt Pro

Stealth Belt Pro

  • Easy-Access Zipper

  • Expandable Pouch Compartment

  • 4" Range Adjustability

  • Double Locking Closure

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric

  • More Styles Available

Brava Ostomy
Support Belt

Colostomy Belt Coloplast

The Brava® Ostomy Support Belt is made of a stretchable and breathable fabric that distributes pressure evenly and is comfortable to wear. During body movement, the belt conforms to body contours and provides a snug fit throughout the entire wear time.

The silicone grip further ensures that the belt stays in place, preventing it from rolling or sliding during body movement. The ostomy pouching system can be worn under the belt or through an individualized hole that is cut in the reinforced panel. This belt has an easy-to-use pocket closure, and the wide Velcro® secures an easy adjustment.

To learn more about the new Brava® Ostomy Support Belt, please fill out

                           and one of our product specialists will contact you to provide more information and to help connect you with a supplier.

Nu Hope ostomy support belt
Original Innovator of Ostomy/Hernia Support Belt
Ostomy Belt Nu-Hope

For Those With or Without an Ostomy

Provides Support, Comfort and Improves Appearance

  • 360 degrees of wafer/pouch support for longer wear time
  • Helps prevent lines and bulges
  • Adjustable closure for a perfect fit
  • Helps protect abdominal hernia repairs & minimize reoccurrence
Nu Hope Colostomy Belt
Nu-Hope Ileostomy Belt
Two Hole Belts Also Available!
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