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Ostomy Products

Ostomy Manufacturer Contact Information, Ostomy Bags, Ostomy Accessories
Ostomy Manufacturer and Ostomy Suppler

What is the difference between an Ostomy Manufacturer and an Ostomy Supplier?
Manufacturers (below) make and manufacture ostomy bags and accessories.  Many manufacturers offer free education and Support Programs and will provide 1 or 2 Free Samples.  
Manufacturers can send 1 or 2 free samples but are not your source for monthly supplies. 
This is the job of Suppliers.

Suppliers, also called Providers, warehouse, ship, and distribute ongoing ostomy supplies and work with your insurance.
Read more about securing Ostomy Supplies and working with Insurance here.
Find a Supplier for monthly Ostomy Supplies here.

Coloplast's range of innovative ostomy products are designed to help prevent leakage and skin issues. We understand that no two bodies are the same, that's why our SenSura® Mio ostomy pouching systems are designed with BodyFit Technology to provide a secure fit based on stoma, body profile and output type. If you'd like help finding the pouching system that is best for you call

Coloplast ileostomy bags
Convatec Ostomy Supplies

Convatec’s skin-friendly, secure pouching options empower people living with an ostomy with the security to get out and live life. Backed up by over four decades of proven product performance, our proprietary adhesives integral in our skin barriers have proven product performance. Combined with our comprehensive line of accessories, Convatec products help ostomates create a healthy bond with their ostomy. 

Convatec Barrier.png
Convatec Colostomy Bag_edited.png
Convatec Adhesive Remover_edited.png
Convatec ileostomy bag_edited.png
Hollister Ostomy Supplies

Living with a stoma doesn't mean you have to tolerate skin problems on your abdomen. Whether you are having issues with itchy, red, or painful skin around the stoma or want to prevent skin issues from occurring, we have the products and resources to help you maintain healthy skin.

Safe n Simple ostomy accessories

Safe n Simple™ is a medical care innovator specializing in the promotion of healthy skin, complete security and confident ostomy and wound care management. We view our product development through the eyes of our customers, who want active, productive lives unimpeded by their conditions. Our goal is to make our customer’s ostomy safe and simple.


Superior products at an affordable price

barrier rings
waterproof tape
Nu Hope ostomy bags

Ostomy Pouches, Skin Barriers, Hernia and Ostomy Support Belts, Neonatal Ostomy Products, Adhesives, Accessories, Non-Adhesive Pouches, Fistula Pouches

Nu-Hope offers a complete lineup of ostomy pouches. Oval and round, custom openings, barrier pre-attached, and many other customizations.
Nu-Hope colostomy bags
Odor Reducing Covers
  • Odor Control
  • Leak Prevention
  • Healthy Skin
  • Moisture Control
  • Noise Reduction
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