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Ostomy 101 Inc.


Ostomy 101 Inc. is a nonprofit organization utilizing unique strategies to connect and engage with ostomy patients, caregivers, clinicians, and hospitals.

Our diversified approach and nonprofit status help bridge the gap between consumers and providers.

We believe every patient deserves access to the information, resources, services, and products they need to live successfully with an ostomy.

Connecting with Patients

Everything in 1-Place:

Ostomy 101 Inc. is the only vendor-neutral resource where patients can view and compare products, services, and samples from most major providers.

Instant Easy Connection

Patients and caregivers can instantly connect with providers through click-to-dial or hyperlinks to websites, landing pages, and forms. 

New Patients:

70% of Ostomy 101 Inc. users are new Ostomates searching for information and support. Over 100 hospitals in the United States actively promote Ostomy 101 Inc. classes and resources to patients at discharge and during follow-up appointments to empower patients and reduce unnecessary clinic and Emergency Department visits.

​Monthly Classes:

Ostomy 101 Inc. provides monthly New Patient Classes, empowering Ostomates to navigate life with an ostomy and demonstrating how to utilize Ostomy 101 to connect with ostomy information, support, samples, and products.  

News & Information Resource:

Patients stay connected to stay informed.  Ostomy 101 Inc. is the go-to resource for nationwide meetings, webinars, new products, samples, resources, services, and recently released articles.  Regular emails, social media announcements, and meeting evolvement keep patients and caregivers engaged.

Focus Groups & Trials:

Ostomy 101 Inc. maintains a large pool of patients and clinicians who have applied to participate in focus groups and ostomy product trials/tests.

Exclusive Calendar of Ostomy Events

Ostomy 101 Inc. maintains the only nationwide calendar of ostomy support group meetings, webinars, and educational events, continually connecting with patients, support group leaders, advocates, and influencers.  Ostomy 101  strengthens this relationship by providing a database of speakers for support group meetings.  In 2022, Ostomy 101 hosted and promoted 321 free ostomy-related events.

Ostomy 101 Inc. connects with ostomy consumers through our website, mobile app, email campaigns, social media platforms, virtual classes, and involvement in patient and professional communities. 

Partnering with Hospitals and Clinicians

7,000+ Ostomy-related medical professionals subscribe/follow Ostomy 101 Inc.

(Physicians, Surgeons, WOC Nurses, Ostomy Management Specialists, Case Managers, and Home Health).


Over 100 hospitals in the United States utilize Ostomy 101 Inc. classes and resources as a cost-effective tool to support patients and reduce readmissions and  Emergency Department visits.

Patient Success

Reduced hospital length of stay has limited clinicians' time to share ostomy lifestyle information, support, and helpful products with patients.  Clinicians use Ostomy 101 Inc. to bridge the gap and connect patients to these tools and resources. 

Clinic Workload

By bridging this gap, Ostomy 101 Inc. has helped to reduce unnecessary nonmedical clinic visits and staff workload.

Clinician Support

Hospitals and clinicians use Ostomy 101 Inc. clinical resources and on-demand clinical videos to help equip case managers and home health triage and assist patients.

Everything in 1 Place

Busy clinicians use Ostomy 101 Inc. as an effective tool to access multiple provider resources and samples. 

Product Tests & Trials

Ostomy 101 Inc. maintains relationships with clinicians from hospitals across the US interested in trialing new ostomy products and services.

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