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Virtual Ostomy Nurses


Where expert ostomy care
meets empathy

Certified Wound and Ostomy Nurses

Expert Ostomy Care to Help You Live Your Best Life

Corstrata is a company that helps people living with an ostomy. Their team of certified ostomy nurses (WOC Nurses) are experts in caring for persons with ostomies.


Corstrata’s partnership with Ostomy 101 allows Ostomy 101 users to get help from these amazing nurses. The Corstrata nurses can help you in so many ways. Whether you have had your ostomy for a week or forty years, they can teach you how to take the best care of your ostomy and solve any problems like skin irritation, leaks, or diet issues. Whatever your need, Corstrata nurses can help you feel more confident and comfortable with your ostomy and allow you to get on with your life!


The best part is that you can talk to the Corstrata nurses in the privacy of your home at your convenience. You don't have to wait weeks for an appointment or travel near or far to get the help you need. Corstrata nurses are just a video chat away.


If you have an ostomy, you know how hard it can be to find the right support. But with Corstrata, you'll have a team of experts who truly understand what you're going through. They'll be there for you for any issues with your ostomy so you can feel your absolute best and live life to the fullest!

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Support for WOC Nurses


What patients say

"I had been struggling with leakage issues since my surgery and was unable to find a local specialist to help. The Corstrata nurse was terrific. She listened and I learned from her. And after her examination of my stoma and body she saw that I received a pouching system better suited to my needs. I could not have gotten this in my community".  


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What patients say

"We do not have enough words to express our appreciation for the services provided by the Corstrata nurse. Her courteous, professional, and caring attitude helped us identify the root cause of catastrophic failures of the system resulting in frequent and significant leakages that had us on edge. Also, since my father’s primary language is Spanish, he was able to follow her, and respond to her instructions as she spoke Spanish and he felt extremely comfortable with the virtual visit".    


-Patient’s son

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Virtual Ostomy Care When You Need It

  • Care for new & existing ostomies

  • Troubleshoot & resolve leakage issues

  • Address skin irritation

  • Answer diet and lifestyle questions

  • Provide product information


M-F 8 am -8 pm ET

Sat. 11 am - 3pm ET

Cost, Q & A, Reimbursement

Spanish Speaking and Pediatric Ostomy Nurses Available!

Your Partner In Exceptional Ostomy Care

Enhance Care - Support Clinicians - Reduce Cost

  • Ostomy clinic support

  • Readmission prevention

  • 30 day monitoring & triage

  • Pre-op & post-op education

  • Transition to self-care

  • Outpatient clinic & home health services

  • Overflow, weekend,  coverage

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Statistics, cost analysis, results, appeal for partnership documents and tools

Support for Hospital

WOC Nurses

Empowering nurses to extend their reach and continue patient support without increasing workload.

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Support For You And Your Patients

Medical Staff Chatting
Your Partner in Ostomy Care

Supporting Hospital WOC Nurses with Care for their Ostomy Patients


Hospital WOC Nurses frequently express frustration that they cannot continue to support their ostomy patients once discharged from the hospital, leaving these patients without the guidance needed to manage their ostomies effectively. Ostomy 101 is collaborating with Corstrata to address this challenge by offering ostomy patients virtual clinical consultation services through Corstrata in the privacy of their homes. Hospital WOC nurses can now refer their patients to Corstrata’s team of WOC nurses, who will provide personalized, ongoing support and education to help patients navigate the complexities of ostomy care. Corstrata's specialized ostomy nurses will work closely with each patient to assess their unique needs, recommend appropriate supplies, and teach essential self-care skills.


By leveraging Corstrata's expertise, ostomy nurses can rest assured that their patients will receive high-quality, consistent care even after leaving the hospital. This partnership empowers nurses to extend their reach and continue supporting their patients without increasing their workload.


Corstrata's virtual solution is designed to complement, not replace, the care provided by ostomy nurses. Nurses can feel confident that Corstrata WOC nurses will work with their patients during their recovery to ensure a seamless transition and optimal outcomes. This partnership enables nurses to provide the comprehensive, long-term support their patients require, addressing a critical gap in the current care of persons learning to live with a new ostomy.

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