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Thank you for your dedication, passion, and tireless efforts.
Whether it's organizing events, leading discussions, or simply being there to lend a helping hand,
your impact is profound.

Ostomy 101 would like to personally thank you for all you do for Ostomates in your community
and provide a few free resources to help.

The Speaker Directory was established to help ostomy support group leaders find interesting, engaging, free speakers for meetings.  Speakers attend meetings virtually at no charge.  

Click HERE for a list of speakers and contact information.

Email speaker recommendations to

The Ostomy 101 Calendar of support events is viewed approximately 63K times per year.

There is no cost to post free support group meetings.  Virtual, hybrid, and in-person meetings are welcome.

Ostomy 101 promotes your meetings to patients, caregivers, clinicians, and hospitals nationwide.

Ostomy 101 Calendar Goals:

  • Help patients easily find and attend your meetings

  • Make it easy for clinicians to refer patients to your meetings

  • Improve attendance at your support meetings

  • Connect Ostomates across the US to the support they need


HOW to post your meetings:

Complete this form . We'll do the rest :)

Where to donate ostomy supplies across the US

Do people ask where to donate ostomy supplies?  Ostomy 101 makes answering these inquiries quick and easy by providing a database of nonprofit organizations across the US that accept ostomy supply donations.  Click HERE

Simply copy, paste, and share this page to help people find a location near them.

Tell us how we can support you

Tell us how we can support your leadership and advocacy in your community.

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