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Telemedicine WOC Nurses

What does a normal stoma look like?

A normal stoma is pink or red, moist, and slightly protrudes from the abdomen. It may have a slight amount of mucus or minor bleeding initially after surgery, but it should not be excessively painful or have a foul odor.

What does normal peristomal skin look like?

Normal peristomal skin is the abdominal skin around your stoma.  It should look like the rest of the skin on your abdomen. It should be smooth and free of redness, irritation, or rashes. Maintaining clean and dry skin around the stoma is crucial to prevent complications.

Coloplast Guide to Healthy Skin: Apply, Remove, Check

WOCN (ostomy nurse) offers tools and techniques for healing itchy or painful peristomal skin.

What is a WOCN and when to call one?

A WOCN (Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurse) is a specialized nurse trained to provide care and support for individuals with ostomies. Call a WOCN if you experience persistent skin irritation, leakage, or if you're having trouble managing your stoma care. They can offer guidance on proper techniques and product use.

When to call the doctor or go to the Emergency Department?

Contact your doctor or go to the emergency department if you notice signs of infection

(such as increased redness, swelling, or foul odor), significant changes in the stoma's

appearance (such as becoming dark, black, or pale), severe pain, or if you have a

blockage and are unable to pass stool for more than 24 hours.

What are some other reasons to speak with a WOCN?

Education and Training: WOC Nurses can provide valuable education and training on

how to care for your stoma and surrounding skin, ensuring you understand the best

practices to prevent complications.


Emotional Support: They offer emotional support and counseling, helping patients cope

with the psychological impacts of living with an ostomy, which can significantly improve

quality of life.

Product Recommendations: WOC Nurses are knowledgeable about the latest products

and technologies for ostomy care. They can recommend the most suitable products for

your specific needs.

Problem-Solving: They can help troubleshoot any issues with your ostomy appliance,

such as leaks or skin irritation, and suggest practical solutions to improve appliance

performance and comfort.

Long-Term Management: WOC Nurses assist in the long-term management of an

ostomy, ensuring that ongoing care needs are met effectively

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