Understanding Ostomy Surgery 

For me, having a clear understanding of my surgery was helpful, comforting and empowering.  But I must admit, I can't watch videos of the real thing.  

This video explains the digestive system and the difference between a colostomy, ileostomy and a urostomy using an anatomical apron.  


The Manufacturer vs Supplier Confusion

Think of it like this; the Ford motor company manufactures cars in factories all over the world, but you don't typically buy your car at the factory.  You go to a dealer or supplier to make your car purchase.

Similarly, there are Manufacturers of ostomy products all over the world.  Often  you can call Manufacturers directly for a sample, but you can't purchase ongoing ostomy supplies from them (See Manufacturers below). Ongoing ostomy supplies are purchased from a Supplier also commonly called a Provider (see Suppliers below).


To get set up with a Supplier, you can call the supplier directly and ask if they take your insurance or call your insurance company to find out who they contract with. If you don't have insurance coverage or prefer to pay out of pocket, there are suppliers who offer this option.



You Have Choices.....but no one told you!

Hospitals typically contract with only one reputable ostomy manufacturer.  It keeps costs manageable for the hospital and us. It also means many patients are unaware of the endless innovative products at their disposal. 

After my surgery, I was fitted in the hospital with a quality pouching system that worked just fine. I just didn't like. It didn't fit my frame or my active lifestyle.  I was surprised to discover the thousands of pouching systems, styles and accessories available. After some trial and error, I found a pouching system that fit my unique needs.  

We have choices! 

Most manufacturers will send you a free sample.  Watch the Ostomy 101 video on How to Order Free Samples and a Comprehensive Product Overview (coming soon)



There are hundreds of accessories for people living with an Ostomy.  Accessories fall into two categories, medical or lifestyle.
The medical category includes items like; barrier rings, tapes, deodorizer drops for your pouch, powders, sprays, flushable pouch liners and wipes.  These items are not necessities, but can be very helpful.  
The lifestyle category includes ostomy underwear, swim wear, stoma protectors, lingerie, support belts and seat belt covers. The list of ostomy lifestyle accessories is endless - thankfully.  
The challenge with all accessories, both medical and lifestyle, is finding them! They're generally not available at your local drugstore, hospital gift shop or on Amazon.
We're on it! Ostomy 101 is working to make these products easily accessible to the people who need them.
(coming soon....)

Who we are....

Ostomy 101 Inc (501c3) is a vendor neutral nonprofit supported the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County, private donors and corporate sponsors.

Dawnette Meredith originally designed and piloted Ostomy 101 classes with Star Harrison, RN, BSN, WOCN at the University of California Medical Center.  These classes are NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE.  The Ostomy 101 app was launched internationally February 14, 2020.  The Ostomy 101 mobile app had 44K users in the first 7 months, was downloaded in 39 countries in 29 languages and maintains a FIVE STAR rating.

Ostomy 101 programs were featured at the 2020 Oncology Nurses National Conference as a Template for Improved Standard of Care.  Study showed impressive results for improved patient adjustment and self care, while reducing clinic workload.

Dawnette is President of the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County, Co-Founder of the Ostomy Support Group Tijuana, President of the National Ostomy Teddy Bear Project and coordinates free Ostomy Supply Closets for San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County and Tijuana Mexico.

Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a medical provider for all healthcare needs


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Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a Healthcare provider for all medical needs.

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