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Ostomy 101 Mission:

Equip and empower people with the tools, information and resources they need to live a full confident life with an Ostomy.


Dawnette spent just two and a half days in the hospital for her permanent Ostomy surgery. Successful robotic surgeries like these, offer fast recoveries and short hospital stays.   An unseen consequence of these medical technologies, is the ever-shrinking window of opportunity to educate and equip patients prior to discharge.

Dawnette arrived home confused, overwhelmed and desperate to learn how to sleep, swim, go back to work, bike, hike, travel and surf with her ostomy?  In other words, how to LIVE life with her ostomy.

Hospitals across the country offer a variety of classes for patients, but nothing for people learning to live with a prothetic colon or bladder.    


Ostomy 101- The First of its kind, Hospital-based Patient Lifestyle Class. 

More Challenges

Medical advances, kickback laws, sole proprietor contacts, healthcare policies and a multitude of other factors, unintentionally created a perfect storm for patients to endure.  Limited time to educate patients on ostomy care, resources, services, programs and products leaves patients struggling to get back to everyday life. 


Dawnette developed the Ostomy 101 curriculum to empower patients with the tools, information and resources they need to LIVE confidently with an Ostomy.  The hope was to bridge the gap and help patients get their lives back.  


Ostomy 101 classes were presented to hospitals as an avenue to increase patient satisfaction and success and reduce non-medical clinic and emergency room visits.   Dawnette partnered passionate patient advocate, Star Harrison, RN,BSN,CWOCN at the University of California Moores Cancer Center.     

Dawnette Meredith and Star Harrison RN,BSN, CWOCN piloted the first-ever hospital based education classes addressing the lifestyle needs of Ostomy patients.  Against all odds, Ostomy 101 patient led and WOCN supervised classes are accomplishing what many said was impossible - effectively equipping patients from 5 hospital systems in Southern California, reducing ER visits, readmissions and non-medical clinic visits.


Just like the Ostomy Teddy Bear Project, word spread and requests for widespread classes came pouring in.

Read about the National Ostomy Bear Project 

What Makes Us Different?


*Curated by a non-profit

*Non-sponsored/No Sales

*WOCN Society Supported

*Comprehensive overview of





-Product Viewing


*Welcomed by hospitals

*Unencumbered by kickback laws & contracts 

*Attended by

Patients & Clinicians

*Patient led - Patient trusted

Who we are....

Ostomy 101 Inc (501c3) is supported the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County.   A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports, empowers, and advocates for people who have had or who will have ostomy or continent diversion surgery.

Dawnette Meredith designed and piloted Ostomy 101 classes with the Star Harrison, RN, BSN, WOCN at the University of California Medical Center that now serves 5 hospital systems; UCSD Medical Centers, Tri-City Medical Centers, Scripps Hospitals, Sharp Hospitals and Kaiser Hospitals. She launched the Ostomy 101 app in 2020 to bring Ostomy 101 and it's resources to patients and caregivers everywhere.

Dawnette continues to facilitate  Ostomy 101 classes to encourage and equip people with ostomies to live abundantly.  She is President of the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County, Co-Founder of the Ostomy Support Group Tijuana, President of the National Ostomy Teddy Bear Project and coordinates free Ostomy Supply Closets for San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County and Tijuana Mexico.

Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a medical provider for all healthcare needs


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Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a Healthcare provider for all medical needs.

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