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Ostomy 101 Classes

The first of its kind, hospital based classes, facilitated by an Ostomates and a Clinician (WOCN).  Ostomy 101 address the lifestyle and social needs of Ostomy Patients to empowering them to live successfully with an Ostomy. 

Classes currently serve 5 hospital systems; UCSD Medical Centers, Sharp Hospitals, Tri-City Medical Center, Scripps Hospitals and Kaiser Hospitals. 


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Who is Ostomy 101 for?

These classes are for Ostomy Patients both pre-op and post-op.  Family members, caregivers and clinicians are welcome.  This class not be suitable for young children. 


This is a non-medical ostomy lifestyle class led by real people living abundantly after ostomy surgery. 


No medical advice, opinions or supplies will be given during Ostomy 101 Classes.   

"Ostomy 101 class was simply amazing: loads of great information, useful tips and suggestions for a future Ostomate.  It answered all my questions and dissipated my anxiety."
What Makes Ostomy 101 Different?
Curated by a nonprofit
Unencumbered by kickback law & contracts
WOCN Society Supported
WOCN Collaborated
Comprehensive Overview
-Product info & Product viewing
-Services & Information
-No Vendor Sponsorship or Sales
Patient led - Patient trusted
Welcomed & Trusted by Clinicians

Who we are....

Ostomy 101 Inc (501c3) is supported the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County.   A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports, empowers, and advocates for people who have had or who will have ostomy or continent diversion surgery.

Dawnette Meredith designed and piloted Ostomy 101 classes with the Star Harrison, RN, BSN, WOCN at the University of California Medical Center that now serves 5 hospital systems; UCSD Medical Centers, Tri-City Medical Centers, Scripps Hospitals, Sharp Hospitals and Kaiser Hospitals. She launched the Ostomy 101 app in 2020 to bring Ostomy 101 and it's resources to patients and caregivers everywhere.

Dawnette continues to facilitate  Ostomy 101 classes to encourage and equip people with ostomies to live abundantly.  She is President of the Ostomy Support Group of North San Diego County, Co-Founder of the Ostomy Support Group Tijuana, President of the National Ostomy Teddy Bear Project and coordinates free Ostomy Supply Closets for San Diego County, Riverside County, Orange County and Tijuana Mexico.

Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a medical provider for all healthcare needs


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Information provided by Ostomy 101 is NOT medical advice.  Consult a Healthcare provider for all medical needs.

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